Yoga dream team

Nevenka & Ivica, yoga retreat managers

For many years, Nevenka (for friends – Neve – “snow”) worked hard to get her entrepreneurial and business education and practical experience, at the same time pursuing her lust for the perfect physical activity that will keep her body fit and help to clean mind and accumulated everyday stress. Through time she has immersed herself into dancing (explored different styles, mainly ballet, moderndance, jazz, hiphop), gathered music education, martial arts (taekwondo – 1st Dan), rock climbing, sky diving . Her active and restless spirit of a passionate traveller led her to the Island Vis where she discovered the place of her dreams and started practicing yoga completely changing her Lifestyle. Inspired by a beauty of nature, vibrant and exhilarating atmosphere of the irresistible island and with the support from like minded friends, professionals and her soulmate, Nevenka found joy in creating this retreat center. She is dedicated 24-7 to taking care of you and your needs, desires and expectations whilst on retreat offering your the once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Ivica (for friends – Ive) comes from beautiful Split, “white City in Dalmatia”, and is dedicated runner, always on the go which is contrary to lazy Dalmatian stereotype. Sea-policeman in retirement, nurtures many hobbies and passions. As a creative culinary talent has taken workshops to hone his skills over the years, specializied in Mediterranean cuisine. You will often see Ivica in our aromatic garden snooping for a spice or a wild lettuce. Blissful Mediterranean climate reinforced with his choice to lead relaxed healthy hedonistic lifestyle gives him everyday opportunites to develop the expertise in outdoor activities (cycling, trekking…) and gain the understanding of the nature and its changes and cycles. While escorting you to the awesome excursions, dazzeling sights and adorable beaches, our “Walking Encyclopedia” will eagerly share his knowledge and insights of Island life, history, culture and people.



Annalisa Giostra (IT), yoga teacher

Born Italian, unstoppable traveller Annalisa had her first insight while practicing some Yoga Nidra combined with Autogeneus training technique at the age of 15.

Since then she wondered from Theatre to Journalism to Tai chi and Eastern Philosophy to land eventually in her most comfortable and familiar place, after the Ocean: her yoga mat.

Trained in India, she has spent the last five years teaching to people of all ages and from all over the world, both in Spain and internationally but she has her mind set in Croatia where she feels completely at home.

Addict to Mindfulness and to Buddhist Psychology she is much of a nerd, who loves studying, experimenting, and most of all helping others to find their own freedom and start their own journey along what she considers the most joyful and rewarding path.

Tiffany Simoncini (USA), yoga teacher

Tiffany is a New York native but has spent the past six years traveling around the world. Her roots are Italian, German, Irish and Native American while her soul must have been born in India. She has always had a passion for movement. As a young girl, Tiffany studied Tae-kwon-do, various forms of dance, and even played a few different sports. She has always been creative and loves ‘dancing to her own beat.’ After various tragedies and life lessons, she decided it was time to find something that improved her inner world as much as her physical well-being. About eight years ago, she found meditation. Immediately after that, yoga came into her life. After years of self-practice and studying with various teachers, she offers herself as a teacher or “sharer.” She shares her knowledge authentically as she teaches various types of yoga classes that combine traditional Vinyasa, Hatha, Restorative and Yin flows. With a light-hearted yet spiritually awakening approach, she hopes to teach a class that will bring you closer to yourself while giving the body a deep, enlivening stretch. Tiffany also has experience in teaching various kinds of workshops in self-expression, creativity as well as yoga and meditation. She continues to study yoga, meditation and expressive dance by taking classes and workshops as she travels around the globe.

 Valerie Watkinson (UK), yoga teacher

With a background in contemporary dance, Valerie works closely with expression, emotion and connectivity through the body. This is achieved with the correct use of the breath, being aware of sensations, and gaining a relationship with oneself which is key for developing a spiritual and mindful practice. Working from the heart space with an enquiry into the effects asanas have upon the nervous system/vital organs and the overall well being of the self, Valerie starts to delve deeply into the internal body. Making connections from the body to the heart and the soul. “For me, being present, sharing space with others through compassion, bringing out parts of oneself you didn’t realise was there or was locked away, is such a journey to have the pleasure to encounter within my practice, The world can throw some difficult situations and obstacle our way, and it is through the practice of yoga one can develop an inner calmness and tools to approach such things with compassion, gratitude and with ease.” Valerie studied Hatha yoga in India, integral yoga in Cambodia, and founded Blossomtreeyoga in 2014. Valerie thrives on introducing yoga via workshops and retreats to give people a deeper understanding of the importance of the practice. And how through maintaining a regular practice, self study, and living from the heart can change your whole attitude and outlook on life. Which of course is such a beautiful thing if seen through awakened eyes.

Teacher of dynamic flow yoga, Hatha yoga,yoga nidra, meditation, pranayama and breath workshops. Valerie continues to study through attending many workshops to include training in flying therapeutics, acro yoga, Thai massage, ashtanga yoga and handstand Training.

Marieke Kouwenhoven (NL), yoga teacher

Marieke a yogini, bodyworker, and passionate traveller has been cultivating her holistic healing services, teachings, and yoga practice for over 8 years. She offers classes, retreats and workshops to help people connect to their authentic selves through yoga, meditation and forms of free movement.

With 8 years dedicated practice to yoga with a wide variety of styles and gifted teachers, Marieke now sees yoga as a journey home, reconnecting us to the deepest parts of ourselves. Her classes are inspired by the teachings of Anusara, Vinyasa, Restorative yoga, Yin yoga and Ayurveda.

Marieke teaches to flow with the body with ease, warmth and intention. Her invigorating but slow flow classes cultivate intimacy with the breath and draw on the Anusara principles of alignment. She has the ability to naturally inspire a deeper understanding of the flow of energy, movement and mindful connection. In her teachings she emphasizes on creating space in the body and using the breath as a guide to access the wisdom of the body.

Inspired by poetry, philosophy and personal reflection, students are invited to move with intention and awareness.

Marieke delights in guiding people to live to their full potential: free of pain, full of joy, and committed to their own transformation and wellness. She is constantly awed by the unfolding of the body’s mysteries and the undeniable connection between mind, body, and spirit.


Jenn Russel (UK), yoga teacher

Jenn originally comes from a dance and circus background having performed for 14 years as a contemporary dancer, fire artiste and stilt walker.

She began practicing ashtanga yoga as a way to improve her technique and prevent the frequent injuries that are so common with professional dancers. She quickly began to experience the profound effect that yoga has not just on the body but on the mind. Her outlook began to change and she fell in love with this ‘moving meditation’.

Following the completion of an intensive teacher training at Himalaya Yoga Valley Goa, Jenn began regularly teaching ashtanga, power and hot yoga in her native Birmingham.

Over the past few years Jenn’s style has evolved to incorporate the flow and playfulness of her dance background, whilst staying true to the traditional teachings of yoga. Her freestyle vinyasa flow classes take you on a creative journey through traditional and modern postures, linked with creative transitions, uplifting music and some pretty funky balances and core work.

For Jenn, yoga is a way of life allowing her to foster a ‘can do’ attitude and approach life with a sense of joy and gratitude. She encourages her students to have fun exploring their infinite capabilities … after all what your body is allowing you to do is truly amazing!

Kristina Arapović (CRO), art therapy teacher

Kristina was born in Split in 1977. As a child  she was active in swimming , athletics and rhythmic gymnastics . In the early 90s she got in touch with Bhakti and Hatha yoga for the first time.
She was educated in the Divya Yoga School of Yoga teacher RYT 200 and RYT 500 according to high international yoga standards  . There she acquired knowledge of Dharma Yoga , Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga , Power Vinyasa yoga , restorative yoga, therapeutic  and other traditional yoga techniques.
Led by curiosity and desire to broaden her knowledge she intensively studied the  practice and philosphy of Sri Vidya , tantra and yoga Hrdaya mentored by Domagoj Orlic and Mark Whitwell, master of Yoga Heart and Krishnamacharya student.
In 2011 Kristina has begun to practice  and later teach Dharma yoga under the supervision of Sandra Peter Pintaric and has often attended classes  at Sri Dharma Mittra in New York and London ( Yiannis Andritsos, Mark Kan , TJ Jackson ) .
She was thought Sri Vidya , Cobra breath , traditional transcendental meditation , Sahaj Samadhi meditation and Reiki .
In 2014 Kristina got QiYo 200 TT with Swami Angung.
Kristina is the founder of the ” Yoga and Art House ” in Split where  regularly teaches traditional yoga, Vastu and art therapy.

Olivija Holjac (CRO), yoga teacher

Born in 1961. Olivija graduated at Medical Faculty at the University in Zagreb, Croatia. After working at Emergency Service through many years, since 2004. Olivija started working as Medical advisor and controller in Croatian Health Insurance organization (HZZO).

As a graduate teacher of Komaja Meditation Olivija has had apprenticeship of four years covering, among others, the following areas in theory and practical study: Spiritualisation of Sexuality, Spiritual Psychology, Science of Mantras (Psychophonics), Yoga-Sutra, Basics of Kundalini-, Raja- and Tantra-Yoga, Basics of Theosophy, Comparatistic Studies of Yoga, Tantra and Christianity, Science and Spiritual Science.

She has experience in guiding meditation and yoga groups since 1993. –   in Switzerland, Croatia, Serbia, Germany (10-20 participants in average), as well as in organizing and guiding meditation meetings on a regular basis. She had opportunity to lead workshops on communication, creative thinking stress reduction and team building.  Number of times she was giving Public lectures on Self Development thoroughout Europe, including an invited lecture at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne, Switzerland, the NAVA yoga school in Zagreb, Croatia. She was a guest speaker in several TV talk shows.

Olivija also holds private lessons and various courses and workshops on personal development using yoga and meditation.