Adventure activities

This yoga retreat is all about you. We encourage you to find your balance mentally, physically and spiritually between yoga practice, meditation and your free time. And we also offer you fun and exciting way to experience island life and local culture. We promise – everything we do has a WOW factor!

We will take you on tours discovering the best of Island Vis. Authentic local villages Vis and Komiza  – for a delightful wandering around  beautiful old stone buildings, line narrow streets and alleyways, bars in the squares and restaurants with fresh seafood menu along the waterfront. In the inner part of the island you will see citrus orchards, pine and carob trees, rosemary, lavender and many vineyards and olive trees. A days in the sun we will spend at the southern coast dotted with beautiful bays, secluded beaches and extraordinary coves like Srebrna, Stiniva – best beach in Europe 2016 (according to European Best Destinations) and Stoncica.

If you want to spend your free time on your own, we suggest some of exciting ways to explore Island Vis and its beautiful surroundings like cycling, sailing, hiking, trekking, kayaking, boat excursions.


If you want to up the exhilaration factor, cycling is a great way to explore the Island while making the most of the fresh air and sunshine. You can enjoy cycling to City of Vis or Komiza or discovering nearby beaches.


Boat excursions

This is the perfect starting point to discover many faces of island Vis. Explore of nearby island Bisevo and world famous Blue Cave, or island Hvar. For real adventurous we offer tours of the desolated military object and labyrinth tunnels which are part of the underground military base spread for miles under the Island Vis.



It is unique opporunity to dive into history and relate to lifes of anceint traditional fishermen and sailors. In a very attractive presentation of “falkusa”, the ancient wooden fishing boat, you will be invited to experience sailing and rowing, while learning about traditional sailing and fishing techniques, life and habits of people on island Vis in previous centuries, their joys and sorrows, their coexistence with wildlife and nature.



The island of Vis, with its indented coast line, numerous islands and cliffs, hidden bays, sandy beaches and sea caves is one of the most attractive kayaking destinations in the Adriatic. Untouched nature and natural phenomena such as Stiniva bay,  the Blue and Green cave will leave no one unimpressed. Discover the islands of Vis  with professional guides and find the well hidden beauty.



Hiking & trekking

Because of the well-marked paths and trails all around the island, Vis is particularly appealing to hikers and trekkers . So hit the road, Jack.


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