Croatia, Island Vis

Famous from the ancient Greek times, Island Vis has extremely rich history. The remains of a Greek necropolis and Roman thermae, Renaissance palaces and villas, fortresses and towers are on every step. Due to its half century isolation under Yugoslavia the island is not crowded with tourist apartments and hotels. It is the chosen destination for those people who appreciate its authenticity, acknowledged by the World Organization for Environmental Protection as one of the ten most environmentally preserved islands in the Mediterranean. The area of the island covers 90,3 square km with its interior rich in vegetation, vineyards and olive trees. There are no poison snakes or spiders on the island which is full of beautiful vegetation and animal species. The island is full of little paths and roads and is easily crossable. Whether you decide to take a swim into clear blue sea during the day or dive into the sunset at one of island’s numerous bays you will experience unique sensation.

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